Wedding Food and Drink

Beautiful savoury ideas
Beautiful savoury ideas

Here are some wedding reception food ideas for different times of day:

  • A brunch reception would take place at 10 or 11 a.m. It is quite inexpensive because fruit, bread, muffins, mimosas and other breakfast foods would be served.
  • Consider a buffet or do-it-yourself, with help of course.
  •  A luncheon reception follows a late morning wedding. You can easily make this food yourself as it is made up of sandwiches (finger sandwiches are nice), green salad, pasta salad and fruit. You can put a tray of cold cuts together and garnish it nicely and it would be great.
  •  The dessert reception is the most inexpensive wedding reception food. It’s great if you do have a lot of people and a tight budget. The menu is self-explanatory. This type of reception could be held at 9 or 10 p.m., after dinner hours. That means the ceremony will be for no earlier than 8 p.m. Just mention on the wedding invitations that you are having a dessert reception so guests will know to eat dinner beforehand.
  •  A cocktail party reception is less expensive than dinner and is held from 4 to 7 p.m. Serve just hors d’oeuvres. Supermarkets offer hors d’oeuvres trays pretty inexpensively also.
  •  Then there’s the dinner reception, the most expensive. You can have a buffet style, serve-yourself food stations, family-style wedding dinner or a sit down dinner.
  •  If you’re having a very informal wedding, do a barbecue at your home or in a park or on the beach for your wedding reception food. If you’re having a church wedding, have a luncheon or dessert reception in the church hall.
  • Food Trucks: Food trucks are ideal for outdoor receptions and will definitely give your event a hipster vibe.

TIP: If you are using a caterer, keep it simple and don’t be afraid to put a halt to anything you see as an added expense that you’d rather not have. Most caterers will work with you and your budget to give the most detail for your dollars. Be sure to get references and check him or her out as much as you can. When the time comes to make a deposit, it’s best to use a credit card rather than non-refundable cash.

Finger food ideas


Here are some wedding cocktail ideas beyond the classic champagne toast that can be made in large batches.

  • Champagne punch with fruit
  • Hard Cider Slush
  • Margaritas…they only require 4 ingredients
  • Moscow Mule (another simple cocktail)
  • Sangria
  • Pomegranate Mimosas
  • Boozy Berry Lemonade
  • Fruity Sangria