Cakes and Toppers


wedding cake

Pick your pastry..

White, yellow, chocolate, German chocolate, and carrot, is always good for a more traditional design. Make your layers different flavors!

What’s your favorite dessert? Make a cake out of; Rice Krispies Treats, Cream Puffs (store bought if you don’t bake) drizzled in caramel, Cake Pops, Cupcakes, Macarons, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and even Pie! 


Cupcakes, donuts, or cream puffs, displayed in round tiers like a cake are very popular. Add a small cake for the bride and groom to cut on the top tier.

Get Inspired, Decorate..

Get inspiration from your dress. Is it adorned with sequins, pearls, ruffles, buttons, and ribbon? Pick an element of the dress design and go for it, even if you’re making the cake yourself, you can do it!

You might also find inspiration at a toy store, in china patterns, from your favorite candies, or architectural design. Geometric patterns are trending in wedding design; use the patterns and designs throughout the theme of your wedding.

Visit bakeries (go to a few cake tastings), peruse bridal magazines, and visit sites like Pinterest.

Fresh fruit is yummy, beautiful, and a healthy addition to any cake. Looks great on a simple frosted cake, and even a naked cakes. It can be decorated as simply or elegantly as you like! Also, a great idea if you’re not loving the idea of sweet fondant or frosting on your cake.

Fresh flowers..another simple, elegant decoration! Just make sure that the flowers you use are edible. You can also find adorable marzipan flowers on sites like Etsy very reasonably priced.

Some brides display their cakes on the buffet table. In our opinion, whether it’s a plain cake or an elaborate five-tier designer’s masterpiece, the cake should stand alone on their own table for all to admire.

Your cake is the centerpiece of the reception. It is a scrumptious dessert as well as part of a tradition…the beautiful or messy cutting-of-the-cake. Get inspired and create the cake of your dreams…a marvelous confection, that will long be remembered after the last bite is gone!

A cake topper that says Mr and Mrs


Anything can be used as wedding cake toppers. Of course there is the traditional bride and groom but you will see many other things out there. If you like the bride and groom, there are lots online and in stores. 

You can put a cake topper that goes along with the theme of your wedding.


For a fall wedding use mini pumpkins on top with silk maple leaves.

Hibiscus for a tropical wedding is pretty. They only last for a day, so wait until the last minute and lay about three big Hibiscuses on top of the cake.

If you can find a pineapple small enough or are able to find a suitable fake one, that would be a great cake topper for a Hawaiian wedding. You could also add a lei around the cake.

Try a dripless candle for a wedding cake topper. A smaller pillar candle would be nice or any candle that’s not too heavy. Try putting skewers (found at the super market) around it to hold it up. Push the skewers down into the cake but leave enough sticking out of the cake to hold the candle up. Surround the candle with flowers or ribbons to hide the skewers.

Ribbons are always pretty as a wedding cake topper. Also a big tulle bow with a flower or a wedding bell in the middle is beautiful.

A Styrofoam ball covered with real or artificial flowers of your choice is a great topper. Cut the flowers down very short and attach a pick with wire. Cover the ball so that none of the Styrofoam is showing. Also use Styrofoam cut into different shapes, such as a heart.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse on top of the cake is fun. If you’re going to Disney World for your honeymoon this would tie right in. If you just love Mickey and Minnie it is great too.

Anything that the couple has a big interest in could be used, such as a toy motorcycle, etc. Shop around for toys or trinkets that would be suitable.

Barbie and Ken dolls are a good wedding cake topper. Any similar dolls would work as well.

A Christmas wedding just screams for a Santa wedding cake topper. Also use clear plastic ornaments filled with flower petals. Wire them to a skewer and arrange on the cake.

Monogrammed cake toppers are classic and popular, and can be used throughout the theme of your wedding, i.e. invitations, napkins, thank your cards, and wedding reception decorations. They make a nice keepsake long after the cake is gone. Before you buy at your local bridal supply store, check out the web

Let your imagination run wild and come up with your own unique wedding cake topper.