Bridal Makeup

Wedding Day makeup is different than everyday makeup. If you are not proficient at getting glam…then seek professional help. Many department store makeup counters and Beauty Retailers offer free make-up application and advice.

If you do seek advice or hire a makeup artist, share wedding makeup photos that you like. It will help he or she to understand what you like and desire.

Some wedding day make up must-haves:

Some wedding day make up must-haves:

  • A foundation that stays put! 

  • Lip color with staying power 

  • Mascara that doesn’t run
  • Eye shadow that flatters
  • An eyelash curler 

  • Powder to set make-up 

  • Concealer 

  • Highlighter for your brow bone 

  • Perfect color blush 

  • Eyebrow pencil or eyebrow kit

Here are a few “DON’Ts” to keep in mind:

  • Don’t be too trendy 

  • Don’t overdo “frosty” makeup 

  • Don’t forget your eyebrows 

  • Don’t wear too much makeup; you want to like you after all!
Again, do a test run. Try products out well in advance. Get help if you need it. You want to look beautiful and feel confident. 

Wedding Day Back Up Bag Essentials

The key to avoiding problems on your wedding day is to come prepared. Create a backup bag filled with essentials and emergency items. Give it to a bridesmaid or family member to hold for you or have someone stash in a place where you will have easy access to it on your big day.

Here are some items to you may want to have on hand:

  • Bottled water 

  • Breath Mints 

  • Eye drops 

  • Hair spray 

  • Hairpins 

  • Moist Wipes 

  • Cotton swabs 

  • Quick-drying glue (for broken shoe heels or fingernails) 

  • Straws (so you can sip a drink without ruining your lipstick) 

  • Tissues 

  • Blotting Papers 

  • Mirrored compact 

  • Nail file 

  • Hand cream 

  • Travel size sewing kit 

  • Safety pins 

  • Hem tape 

  • Fashion Tape (double sided tape for skin and fabric-great for holding bra straps in place or to keep a 
strapless gown from slipping) 

  • White Chalk or cornstarch (to cover up any smudges on your gown) 

  • Clear nail polish (for stocking runs) 

  • An extra set of stockings/tights

  • Throat lozenges 

  • Aspirin 

  • Band-Aids 

  • Tampons 

    HINT: When purchasing your make-up, see if the salesperson at the cosmetic counter will let you have samples of everything you’re buying. They are the perfect size for your essentials bag!