Bridal Hair

Your hair is your crowning glory on your big day. Deciding on what style to wear is as important as choosing your dress. You may want to go natural or take this opportunity to do something extra special. Either way, here are some guidelines to follow to ensure you look your most gorgeous at your wedding.

Wedding Hair Advice:

Plan early 

Choosing the right hairstyle for you: 
Consider the formality  and type of wedding you are having when choosing a hairstyle. Casual, loose looks are suitable for daytime or informal weddings, while up do’s are more appropriate for a formal, evening look. Your hairstyle and headpiece should be complimentary to each other as well.

  • Don’t do anything too drastic or extreme. 

  • If experimenting with color, try a non-permanent one first 
and in advance.
  • Deep condition your hair weekly, if needed. 

  • Consider a good hair supplement. 

  • Drink lots of water. 

  • Don’t overwash you hair. 

  • Don’t go overboard with hair spray the day of your wedding 

  • Some hairstyles can add inches to your height. If you are on the shorter side, you could use this to your advantage.
  • Do A Test Run…Or Two
Bride getting hair styled

With wedding day hair, makeup and veil in place…have a friend take several photos of you at different angles. Make sure you like what you see. If anything isn’t right, try something different and repeat the process until you are satisfied with your look.

TIP: Don’t just decide by looking in the mirror…take lots of pictures.

Also, remember to wear a button down shirt over your gown when you’re getting your make-up and hair done on your big day.

Beautiful hair is a must for your wedding. With the right planning, your hair will look gorgeous for your wedding. Be prepared for a ton of compliments.