Flower Girl


The flower girl role is traditionally played by a young girl from the age of 3 to 8 years old, and her “job” is to toss petals as she walks down the aisle. She can be a relative, or close friend. This is also a great way to include your own small children in the wedding!


Traditionally the bride chooses the dress, and is considerate of the budget if the parents are paying…

It’s customary for the parents to pay for the little one’s dress, but the bride and groom will sometimes offer to buy her dress as a gift. This is especially nice if the attendants’ parents are part of the wedding party!

In many cultures, the bride chooses the look of a “little bride” in all white. But, she can also match the colors of the wedding theme and/or bridesmaids. 

  • Shop at department stores, and big box stores. Have a seamstress in the family? Ask them to sew a dress.
  • Flower girl dresses don’t have to be mini versions of the bride’s gown. However, that’s a very sweet look.
  • They can emulate the styling of the bridesmaids dress in length, color or design.
  • You can also get inspiration for the dress from your wedding theme.
  • A simple dress covered with the same lace or beading as the bridal gown is nice.
  • Or you could just embellish a simple dress with the same wedding flowers.
A young flower girl, dressed in white.


  • Comfort; you don’t want your too much squirming at the ceremony
  • Consider length; knee-length or tea length is best to avoid tripping down the aisle or falling on the dance floor
  • Save sexy styles like strapless or spaghetti straps for your older attendants. A sweet style is most appropriate for little girls.
  • A trendy style or color looks great on little girls…just make sure the style is age-appropriate.
  • Don’t forget sweet accessories like headpieces and baskets. A simple dress with great accessories makes a fantastic look and completes the flower girl’s style.
  • Flower girls are adorable whether you choose chiffon or lace or pink or blue or ivory dresses. You can’t go wrong…they are always a hit at a wedding.



  • Veils
  • Bows
  • Barrettes
  • Tiaras
  • Headbands
  • Or a simple flower
  • Wreaths or headbands are so precious on little girls and you can make them yourself. They’re an easy DIY project.


What she’ll carry…

Traditionally the flower girl to carries a basket with rose petals, that are scattered down the aisle. But…your ceremony venue may not allow that (for liability reasons), or you just may want something different. 


Here are some cute ideas:

  • Bubbles are always fun! Have her blow them all the way down the aisle.
  • Make a gorgeous flower wand! Add beautiful ribbon to match your colors. Little girls love this idea..makes them feel like a fairy princess!
  • Make a small pomander, and have her carry it down the aisle.
  • Make bouquet or posey to match the bride or bridesmaids flowers.
  • For a rustic wedding, fill a tin pail with flowers.
  • Sentimental? Ask her to carry a family bible or favorite book, decorate with flowers and/or ribbon. 
  • Let a decorated wagon carry her! Great for wee ones who may have trouble making it all the way down the aisle.
  • If your ring bearer is a dog, let her hold the leash (if the dog is well behaved), and give her a flower crown to wear.
  • For one or more girls, make a sign or banner saying something like “Here comes the bride”, “Daddy here comes Mommy”.


BONUS: Tips for the walk…

Invite your flower girl to pre-wedding events like the wedding shower, wedding rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner. Getting to know everyone, and rehearsing ahead of time will surely make things go more smoothly!

Practice, practice, practice! Go over her duties with her several times right before the wedding.

Before the walk, take a potty break..needs no explanation!

In most cases, she’ll walk right the behind the ring bearer.

Seat the parents toward the front and on the aisle seat, she’ll be encouraged and reassured by them. A young girl should sit with her parents after her walk.

Older girls may stand at the altar with the bridal party.

And remember, anytime you include a young child, anything can happen. If it does, be patient and have a sense of humor!