Wedding Invitations

Your wedding Invitations are a reflection of you as a couple and what you want your wedding to be like. Your invitations give your guests the first clue as to what the tone and formality of the wedding will be!

Do your homework and plan carefully, whether you purchase or make your own. Once you realize how many elements there are to invitations and other wedding stationery, you may want to eliminate items that are not necessarily top priority within your budget.

You may eliminate “Save the Date” notices and opt instead to call or email your guests. Years ago, invitations were thick with extra envelopes and tissue paper…all of which can be left out if you so choose!

NOTE: Invitations should be sent out about 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding, so be sure to allow time for production, and addressing of your invites.


wedding invitation


  • Plan ahead and know what you want. There can be a big price difference between a whole package over ordering parts individually.
  • Remember, larger and odd shaped envelopes sometimes require extra postage.
  • Make your own…There are great wedding invitation kits available at office supply and craft stores. Create your own a one of a kind design. Have it duplicated at a print shop or office supply store (practice printing your custom  DIY  invitations on plain paper before you head off to a printer).
  • Add pretty details…use beautiful postage stamps, embellish your invitations yourself with ribbon, rose petals, or lace. Use unique seals or cool decorative scissors.
  • Make 10-25 extra invites and be sure to keep a few for yourself as keepsakes.
  • Always order extra envelopes and invitations. Be prepared for mistakes and avoid last minute printing charges.
  • Consider using a post card as your RSVP.
  • Whether you DIY or have your invitations printed…Proofread, Proofread, Proofread! And then ask a friend to proofread them too!
  • Use your personal wedding website to let your guests know directions, maps, rainy day plans and rehearsal dinner info. Some personal wedding websites are free or very inexpensive. This could potentially save a lot of paper!
  • Shop..Shop outside of the “wedding invitation” kits and opt to use other stationery. If you’re buying printed invitations, check out office supply stores, print shops, warehouse stores and the Internet.

Last but not least, recruit friends and family to help with any aspect of your wedding invitations… especially addressing the envelopes!