Charming Wedding Centerpieces


wedding table centerpieceLet’s Talk Flowers…
First Some DIY:
Grow your own flowers for your wedding centerpieces.
Carnations, Gardenia, hydrangeas, azaleas, sweet peas, dogwood, camellias, tulips, or roses will work great. Use flowers that stay in bloom for more than a day.

Baby’s breath makes a stunning arrangement! Place a large bunch in tall vase for a simple, elegant style.
Float flowers in a pedestal bowl or cylinder vase filled completely with water. Add a floating candle if you’d like. Cheap, easy and a gorgeous look!

Flower Centerpieces
Flower Centerpieces

Live plants and herbs are a great alternative to fresh cut flowers. Succulents are popular for rustic or outdoor weddings. Add potted plants to trays or crates filled with small rocks, or marble stones.

Spread rose or other flower petals all around table..a few go a long way!

Spray tall branches white, silver, gold or any color to match your theme. Arrange alone, or embellish with pearls, beads, flowers, ribbon or raffia.

Where to find:

If you can’t grow your own…visit garden centers like Home Depot or Lowes. Costco and Sam’s Club have great deals on flowers too.

Shop Local; at your local Nursery or Farmer’s Market…many offer competitive prices, and are usually able to give more personalized and service.

Fruits at a local farmers market
Fruits at a local farmers market

Fruit, Food and Fun...

Fresh fruit can make a great impact on your wedding reception table! Stack pyramid style in a glass bow or pedestal glass stand. Also great mixed with fresh flowers.

Any fruit will do..strawberries, small green apples, citrus, berries, cherries and cranberries can be made into an impressive arrangement.

Sugared fruit in a wedding centerpiece will add elegance to any table.

How to: Beat pasteurized egg whites until they start to foam. Dip pastry brush in eggs, and paint fruit of your choice. Roll in fine sugar (can also grind granulate sugar in food processor). Let dry completely on cookie sheet before arranging.

Use cranberries, lemons, oranges or small apples in a water filled glass container. Add a floating candle..simple and beautiful!

Make a fun edible arrangement…

Purchase a Styrofoam cone from your local craft store, attach strawberries with toothpicks, decorate with ribbon, and you’ll have a unique centerpiece that guest will love!

For the kid in all of us..make a cotton candy bouquet! Make your own, or order online. Fill vases or large bowls with your favorite candy like jelly beans or M&M’s. Make favors to match.

Balloons can brighten up a room! Hang them, light them, float them, wrap in tulle, add matching ribbon to string. Tip: If you’re decorating with tons of balloons, think about filling them onsite. Much easier to transport!

Pinwheels are everywhere! Make them yourself to match your theme. They’re being used for centerpieces, brides bouquets, grooms boutonniere’s, and favor decorations. Pinterest has some of the best ideas!

Make it round…

Buy clear ornaments at the craft store, swirl inside with paint to match your theme. Enhance with ribbon and/or small artificial flowers. 

Make string balls by blowing up balloon size of your choice, wrap matching string that you’ve dipped in decoupage glue (we like Mod Podge) around balloon. Hang to dry, pop and remove balloon. Leave natural color or spray paint to match your theme. Arrange in container of your choice. 

Light it up! Fill a water filled vase with submersible lights. Light up balloons, paper lanterns, ornaments and string balls with LED lighting. Depending on your budget, the sky’s the limit in decorating with lighting!

Buy or make Kissing Balls and use them as your centerpieces. They can be made of silk or real flowers. They’ll create a charming effect on your tables. 


Pick your vessel…

Some more DIY ideas:

Collect or buy glass vases, bottles, jars, trays, or boxes at thrift or dollar stores. Spray paint, wrap in string, ribbon, decoupage with lace or photos of bride and groom.

Visit dollar stores, garage sales and thrift stores. Remember, they don’t all have to match, especially if you are decorating the container!

Go natural... cover container with bark. Birch bark candle holders are rustic beauties…they’re inexpensive, and no work is involved! Natural wooden boxes and crates are beautiful for outdoor or rustic weddings. For a more elegant touch, spray paint with metallics.

Recycle; Cover or paint large coffee cans, plastic tubs, paper boxes, anything that will fit your arrangement.

Wedding centerpieces can be created from just about anything. Use your imagination and have fun doing it!