Wedding Favors

Fabulous Favors Your Guests Will Love

Wedding favors say “thank you” to your guest and “I’m glad you’re here”. Choosing favors is fun and easy when you consider the style of your wedding. 

Here are some DIY wedding favor ideas:

  • Small flower arrangements at each place setting could double as wedding favors and table decorations.
  • Divinity fudge makes delicious wedding favors. Wrapped up in white tulle and tied with a white ribbon it would be beautiful. Add a tag you make yourself, with a little message like “Love is divine”. Cut out the tag with scallop scissors and punch a hole for the ribbon. One warning, divinity doesn’t come out well in high humidity.
  • Candles made in seashells are pretty for a beach wedding or any wedding for that matter. Melt some Candles made in seashells are pretty for a beach wedding or any wedding for that matter. Melt some beeswax but don’t get it too hot. Pour it into the shell and add a wick. Get directions at your craft store. If you live near the sea gather shells yourself. Shells can also be purchased by the bag.
  • Regular candles are nice too. Wrap in tulle and tie with ribbon. Stick a small flower in the ribbon.
  • Tree seedlings, such as citrus or any kind of tree, are something everybody would love. They will always remember your wedding with this unique wedding favor idea. Wrap the plastic pot to disguise.
  • Small frames for later use can also serve as place cards or to hold a message from you.
  • Flower seedlings or seed packets are nice wedding favors. Wrap in any way that is appropriate for your wedding. Tie with ribbon, raffia or paper ribbon.
  • Make wine glass markers from wire and beads. You can find instructions at the craft store. One is enough for a wedding party favor. Place in a small box and tie with ribbon.
  • Sachets made from lavender. Make a small bag from lace. Sew up three sides, put the lavender in and sew up fourth side. Attach a small silk flower. Potpourris in drawstring bags made of lace or tulle are pretty. They smell nice too. You can use any kind of bag that’s easy for you to make.
  • Everybody loves herbs. Buy small ones and place plastic container right into a small terracotta pot. Put some moss around the top to disguise the plastic planter. Include a pretty tag with instructions for care and attach to a ribbon tied around the pot.
  • A strawberry plant is another live wedding favor idea. It can be presented in the same way as an herb. Anything of this nature that is in season is appreciated.
  • Candies, such as M&Ms in your wedding colors, Kisses or Hugs, mints, a wonderful piece of chocolate or any kind that you would like, look great in a cupcake liner. They come in diff erent sizes and colors.
  • Bookmarks are popular for wedding favors that your guests will appreciate and keep for a long time.
  • Make coasters using tiles from a home store. Mod Podge scrap booking paper to the tiles. Tie a ribbon around coasters.
  • Mason Jars filled with store bought jam, honey or peanuts is a great favor and inexpensive. You can embellish jars with ribbon or raffia.
  • Chocolate is a good choice, as most people like to eat it and it’s easy to pull off an elegant look. It’s not recommended for an outdoor wedding where it’s too warm.
A group of wedding favors

Here are some suggestions on making your chocolate wedding favors special:

  •  Make your own heart shaped chocolate lollipops.
  •  Dip knotted or rod pretzels in white or dark chocolate. You can add a cute note to knotted pretzels about “tying the knot”. While the chocolate is warm, you can add any toppings you like. Crushed nuts, sprinkles, nonpareils, and crushed cereal all work well.
  • For a country theme: place chocolate candies a small cute flowerpot.
  • For the tropical look: place candies in flat seashells.
  • Cut out homemade chocolate brownies with cookie cutters and wrap in cellophane or wrap like a present. Who doesn’t love brownies? This is a favorite edible wedding favor.
  • Dip shortbread cookies in melted chocolate, let cool and wrap. Th is works great with sandwich cookies too! You can “glue” on smaller candies for decoration with more melted chocolate.

Fall is a beautiful time of year for a wedding and really lends itself to great fall wedding favors.

Have a little get-together to make your own fall wedding favors. Your family and friends would be happy to help and they may come up with some dynamite ideas.
There are of course lots of gorgeous natural items you could use to create your wedding favors.

They include:

  •  Autumn leaves
  •  Indian corn
  • Sunflowers
  • Raffia
  •  Pumpkins
  • Gourds
  • Twigs
  • Nuts
  • Dried Beans
  •  Fruit
  •  Berries

Some man-made items include:

  • Spray paint (i.e. gold)
  • Metallic pens
  •  Fabric paint pen (fabric paint in a plastic bottle with a tip. Find it at the craft store)
  •  Terracotta pots
  • Artificial fruit and flowers
  •  Stamps for putting on a design
  • Glass containers
  •  Ribbon
  •  Tulle

Fall favors you can make:

  •  A cornucopia made with a waffle ice cream cone, candy and nuts. Simply fill the cone with any type of candy and/or nuts. Tie on a ribbon that coordinates with your color scheme.
  •  A candleholder made from a mini pumpkin. Just hollow out a hole large enough to put a small candle in (a color to match your color scheme). The candle should fit snugly. Decorate around the hole in an anyway you like. Maybe with a paint pen or metallic pen. But, don’t use anything that would be a fire hazard.
  •  Small terracotta pots filled with candy corn. Paint the pot any color you’d like and decorate in any way you like. Put a plastic liner inside. Use plastic wrap you get at the supermarket. The pot can also double as a place card. Just write the name of the guest on each one. Use a metallic pen or paint pen.
  •  Use a small terracotta pot for a pretty leaf arrangement. Use floral foam or Styrofoam cut to fit the pot. Put in beautiful colored leaves and you could incorporate some acorns sprayed painted gold. Acorns or dried beans could cover the Styrofoam to keep it from showing through.
  •  Use tulle in pretty fall colors is a wonderful holder for candy or nuts. Make an 8 in. circle and place the candy or nuts in the middle. Gather up the tulle and tie with a pretty ribbon.
  • Pots decorated with leaf stamps can be a holder for seed packets.
How about potted plant favors?

Candle wedding favors make great gifts. 

When you give away a candle, you know that most everyone will use it. Candle wedding favors are really a great idea because there are a lot of options when choosing candles as favors.

You can go one of two ways here. You can make your own candle favors or purchase them.

If you make your own, you may end up spending as much or more that purchasing finished favors. Many resources offer beautiful candle favors at very reasonable prices. The up side of making your own is that you can always do it exactly as you want to. You can use containers that you choose and colors that you choose.

You can do something as simple as a votive candle in a glass votive holder, wrapped in an organza bag and tied with coordinating ribbon. You can also do elaborate hand beading, decorating, and wrapping. It just depends on your budget and your available time and talent. If you choose to order candle wedding favors, there are  many to choose from.

Here are some that you will find: 

  •  Mini wedding cake candles
  •  Mini Pear Candles
  • Varieties of wrapped votives in many styles and colors
  •  Monogrammed candles
  • Candles in jars

If there is a special theme to your wedding, use anything that would carry out that theme. For example, you could use delicate teacups wedding favors for a Victorian inspired reception. 

We hope we’ve given you some ideas for  wedding favors you can use or that will inspire you to come up with your own.

Tip on Ordering Your Favors:   If you are ordering favors online, make sure you will receive them in plenty of time before the wedding just in case there are any mishaps.

Extra Tips:

  •  Dual-purpose favors really stretch your dollar. For example, you can burn candles as table decorations and then let your guests take one home as a favor. Or you can place a small vase with a single flower in it as decoration and then give them out at the end of the night.
  • Edible favors are easy and cheap and definitely won’t be left behind.