Groom Style

Style Tips for the Groom

The groom’s attire might not get as much attention as the bride’s, but what he wears is important. Here’s some tips for men that will help him make a lasting impression.

Picture of the groom


  • Look and feel like yourself. Your wedding day is not the time to flex your creative fashion muscle.
  • Go classic. Wear go-to colors like black, navy or gray or any neutral. They are flattering to everyone.
  • Wear the right weight of fabric for the season.
  • Know what to ask for when getting alterations. For example, pants that graze the shoelaces.
  • Comfort is king. You’re probably going to be dancing a lot or at least be on your feet most of the night.
  • If you want to personalize…pick one accessory like colorful socks, that you and your groomsmen can all wear. It puts your stamp on the style and keeps you all coordinated. 

Whatever you decide with your wedding day look, make sure that it’s something that fits and feels like you. You don’t have to wear a black tux; you can wear a beautiful linen suite or jeans and a sport coat. You are going to be the best you on your big day!