Wedding Colors

How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Colors

The right color palette sets the tone for your entire event. Color is powerful. It can make you feel calm, excited, relaxed or stir any number of emotions. It creates much of the ambiance.

Masses of colored silk roses
A riot of color with these silk roses

Choosing Your Main Color

Your main color will be used the most throughout your wedding so it should be a color you really love. Next pick two or three accent colors. The accent colors add more depth to your scheme. 

* NOTE: Wedding colors tend to go around the season. Deeper tones look good in winter and pastels in spring. But this is definitely a rule you can break.

Your Venue

Your venue may already be decorated or may be a blank slate. This could influence your wedding colors. Keep the colors in place at your venue in mind before you make your palette.

Your Wedding Style

Pinpointing your wedding style or theme is also an essential step when choosing your wedding colors. Just like seasons, some wedding colors are best suited for specific styles — for example, a swanky 1920s, Gatsby-inspired theme wouldn’t mesh with bright blue and fuchsia, while metallic gold and purple would look out of place at a nautical soirée. Need some style inspiration? Take a look at these wedding theme ideas. Once you’ve chosen your wedding style, you can do a process of elimination to help decide which colors will be the best fit.


  • You are probably already drawn to certain colors. That’s a good place to start.
  •  Holidays can be inspiring if you are getting married around one. (like green for St Patrick’s Day)
  •  Monochramatic is dramatic!
  •  Or you could pick your base color, say blue, and then choose 3 more shades of blue.
  •  Maybe you have a favorite flower like yellow roses… that could be your starting point.
  •  Inspiration in nature is everywhere.
  •  Of course there’s bridal magazines and Pinterest.

Your wedding colors not only decorate your event but are an expression of your personal style.