Destination Weddings

Choosing a destination wedding can solve a multitude of decision-making dilemmas for you. While some locations aren’t cheap, you’ll save time and money in other ways such as number of wedding guests, honeymoon expenses (some locations are all-inclusive) and food and entertainment. 

Whether you choose a lush tropical island, a medieval castle or a ski resort, you’ll have the perfect setting and theme for whatever you want your wedding to be. Some couples choose a destination wedding because family and friends are scattered and the task of getting them all in one place at the same time is daunting. 

Others want an intimacy for their wedding that fewer guests and less hassle can provide. They don’t want to think about flowers, food, entertainment or any of the additional planning required.

Couple with scenic seascape behind them

Destination weddings are an ideal venue for freethinking and adventurous couples.
Here are some thoughts for choosing a fun and unique destination wedding location:

  • It’s a fabulous idea to choose a destination location that is special to you as a couple! Maybe the place you met, or a hometown, or a favorite vacation spot!
  • Resorts, beaches, and other popular “getaways” usually don’t require formal attire for activities and have casual activities that everyone can enjoy. 

  • If you plan an off-season wedding, you’ll be able to get much lower rates. Check with locations you have in mind and consider what you can get that will fit your budget.
  • Yacht or cruise ship lines often offer all-inclusive packages for you and your wedding party. All you have to do is show up and leave all the preparations to someone else. 

  • Check with a travel agent. Many are experts in destination weddings.
  • Destination Weddings aren’t necessarily in far away places. Check out places within the country for a change of atmosphere.

Things to consider when planning your destination wedding: 

  • If you are inviting guests, keep them well informed on all of the plans and details.
  • Choose a beautiful location that requires little or no decorations or embellishment. 

  • Visit the location ahead of time if at all possible.
  • If necessary, be sure your passport is up to date and any vaccines need also!
  • Familiarize yourself with the local climate for the time of year you plan to wed. This is key when deciding your wedding attire.
  • When checking out your destination venue, ask if they have a backup area/plan for inclement weather.
  • Doing a lot of DIY can be tough if you’re traveling far. Shipping items ahead (about 3 weeks out) can be a huge help!
  • Are there time restrictions? 

  • Does the formality match your desired look? 

  • Are there restrictions on decorations, vendors, photography, time frames, music, food and alcohol? 

  • Arrive a day or two ahead of the wedding to allow for any last minute tasks or problem solving.
  • Consider hiring a reputable local wedding planner. They could potentially save you time and money.
  • Check out marriage laws in the country you are travelling to…some have very specific laws and rules for destination weddings.
  • Use your Tech! Skype and Face time are excellent tools for communicating with anyone you hire far away!